The allure of the past often beckons us, especially when it comes to interior decor. A vintage style, with its timeless charm and classic aesthetic, can infuse warmth and character into any space. However, achieving this look requires a careful selection of furniture that embodies the essence of a bygone era.

Enter Rit Concept—a brand that offers some of the hottest options that align perfectly with the vintage aesthetic. Let’s delve into how you can select the right pieces to curate your ideal vintage space.

1. Starting with Seating: Embrace Velvet’s Luxurious Feel

When aiming for a vintage vibe, the seating you choose can set the tone for the entire room. A black velvet armchair or a black velvet accent chair from Rit Concept can be the perfect starting point. The plush texture and deep color of velvet exude luxury, reminiscent of the opulent salons of yesteryears.

A black velvet accent chair can be a statement piece in a living room, library, or study, immediately drawing attention and setting a vintage tone. Pair it with gold or brass accents, and you have a corner that's both inviting and exudes old-world charm.

2. Dining with a Difference: The Sturdy Elegance of Oak

Kennedy oak dining chair

The dining room is where families gather, and the right chairs can create a vintage atmosphere. Oak dining chairs from Rit Concept stand out not only for their durability but also for their classic appeal. Oak, with its pronounced grain and warm tones, harkens back to traditional craftsmanship.

The sturdy build of oak dining chairs ensures they last for generations, much like the vintage style itself. Complement them with a rustic dining table, vintage crockery, and some classic pendant lighting to complete the look.

3. Wooden Wonders: The Timeless Appeal of Armchairs and Frame Chairs

wood armchair


Wood, with its rich textures and timeless appeal, is a staple in vintage decor. A wooden armchair or a wood frame chair can be versatile pieces that fit seamlessly into various rooms in your home. Rit Concept offers options that beautifully combine craftsmanship with comfort.

A comfy wooden armchair with matching fabric can be a cozy spot to read or relax in your living room. On the other hand, a wood frame chair, with its exposed wooden structure, can add a touch of rustic charm, making it perfect for both living and bedroom spaces.

4. Combining Elements for a Cohesive Look

wooden coffee table


While individual pieces can set the vintage tone, the magic truly lies in how you combine them. For instance, a black velvet armchair placed beside a wooden coffee table on an ornate rug can instantly transport you to another era. Similarly, an oak dining chair paired with a wooden sideboard adorned with vintage trinkets can make your dining space a snapshot from the past.

In Conclusion

Creating a vintage home style isn't just about adding old or old-looking pieces. It's about curating a space that tells a story, resonates with the character, and feels both nostalgic and comfortable. With options like the black velvet accent chair, wooden armchair, and oak dining chairs from Rit Concept, you're not just getting furniture; you're investing in pieces that bring the vintage vision to life. Dive into their collection and start your journey back in time, crafting spaces that echo tales from the past.